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Trump’s Lawyer Claims That There Are No Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago: DBUNKED

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer has claimed that no more classified documents remain at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida resort owned by the former president. However, our fact-check analysis reveals that the situation is not as clear-cut as Trump’s lawyer would have you believe. Former Attorney General William Barr stated that the documents found at Mar-a-Lago had been “properly handled,” but the federal investigation is also looking into documents in the possession of President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence. It is essential that the public be informed about the full scope of the investigation in order to ensure the truth is revealed.

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DBUNK Exposes Donald Trump For His False Claims

President Donald Trump’s response to the criminal charges against him has revived his false claims of election fraud and interference. However, a recent fact-checking analysis by DBunk found these claims to be partially factual. Federal and state election officials, Trump’s own attorney general, and judges appointed by Trump himself have all rejected his claims of election fraud. Nevertheless, Trump continues to make false claims about the 2020 election being “rigged” and “stolen” from him. This irresponsible narrative undermines the integrity of our democracy, which is why DBunk encourages readers to stay informed about the truth by downloading our mobile app, available on the App and Google Play stores. With our app, you can access the latest fact-checks, get updates on breaking news, and stay informed about the truth.

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DBUNK Exposes ABC News over Misleading Claims that Majority of Republicans No Longer Supports Trump

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows that 56% of Americans believe President Donald Trump did something wrong. However, the poll results vary widely among political parties. While a majority of Democrats (78%) and Independents (54%) believe Trump did something wrong, only 19% of Republicans believe he intentionally did something illegal and 18% believe he acted wrongly but not intentionally. 45% of Republicans believe he did nothing wrong. It is important to be aware of the facts when reading news articles, and the DBunk mobile app provides access to fact-checked information.

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