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We’re here to shed light on hidden information and guide you toward the truth.

What is DBUNK?

DBUNK is a revolutionary mobile app that empowers you with the facts and truth. Cutting through the “noise” of mainstream media’s influence, bias, and agenda, DBUNK gives you the real story. Stay informed and stay ahead of the curve with DBUNK.

Save time and effort with DBUNK, which does the heavy lifting for you to uncover the facts about a story and its sources.

Why is DBUNK so Important Today?

The digital world we live in is more interconnected than ever, with societies, industries, and governments relying on the internet and the dissemination of information in real or near-real time.

But this power comes with great responsibility, especially regarding ethics, morals, and human rights. Unfortunately, special interests from political organizations, industry lobbyists, and personal bias have clouded the information that our world relies on.

This bias and misinformation obscure the truth and influence the world at the expense of individuals like you. Such untruths have serious and lasting consequences.

In the face of the rapid pace of information, it is difficult for most of us to validate the truth. This is where DBUNK comes in.


What's Coming in the Future?


Look for the DBUNK Mobile App in all of the prominent App Stores such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, and other marketplaces.

The POWER of FACTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS is just a download away. Take back control of your information and receive the real news behind the sensationalized stories online and across social media.

Kiss fake news goodbye for good, join the MOVEMENT FOR TRUTH, and know that you’re always up to speed on what matters most. Together we can all do our part to combat fake news and the damage it causes in today’s society.

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