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DBUNK is a user-friendly fact-checking app that empowers you to verify the accuracy of news and information you encounter online. We analyze sources, provide context, and rate the truthfulness of claims to help you make informed decisions.

Simply copy and paste the news article or claim into the DBUNK app, and we'll analyze it for you. We cross-reference information with trusted sources, assess the credibility of the author and publisher, and provide you with a clear rating on the truthfulness of the content.

DBUNK can analyze a wide range of content, including news articles, social media posts, images, and videos. We're constantly improving our capabilities to cover the most common forms of information you encounter online.

DBUNK combines the convenience of a mobile app with advanced fact-checking algorithms. We're designed to be fast, user-friendly, and accessible on the go. Plus, our ratings go beyond simple true/false labels to provide a nuanced understanding of the truthfulness of a claim.

We take your privacy seriously. DBUNK does not collect or store any personal information when you use the app. We only analyze the content you submit for fact-checking purposes, and that content is not linked to you in any way.

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Submitting an Article for Fact-Checking
Users can easily submit articles for fact-checking by accessing the submission section on the DBUNK platform. They provide relevant details about the article and specific claims to be verified, receiving a confirmation upon submission.
Accessing the Submission Section
Users navigate to the designated submission area on the DBUNK platform to begin the process of submitting an article for fact-checking.
Providing Details and Claims
Users input pertinent information about the article and specify the claims to be verified, ensuring accuracy and clarity in the fact-checking process.
Uploading Articles for Verification
Simplify the verification process by uploading articles to DBUNK. Our AI technology and certified fact-checkers analyze content, providing users with comprehensive results to assess article validity.
Easy Submission: Users submit articles, receive confirmation.
Smooth Verification: DBUNK's AI and experts analyze content.
Detailed Results: Users get comprehensive fact-check results.
DBUNK's blog has been an invaluable resource in helping me understand and combat misinformation. The articles are well-researched and provide practical tips on fact-checking.
Peter Willis
Digital Marketer