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Help combat misinformation by submitting articles or information for fact-checking.
Handling Fact Check Requests
Upon submission, fact check requests undergo analysis by our AI technology, cross-referencing information with reliable sources for accuracy.
Human Fact-Checkers Verify
If AI detects misinformation, it's forwarded to certified human fact-checkers.
Thorough Examination and Analysis
Fact-checkers thoroughly examine information, analyzing sources, credibility, and context.
Accurate Fact Check Result
Based on their findings, our fact-checkers provide an accurate and reliable fact check result.
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AI Fact-Checking
DBUNK employs advanced AI algorithms to analyze articles, utilizing natural language processing and machine learning to verify claims by cross-referencing information from reliable sources.
Automated Analysis
Utilizes AI algorithms to automatically analyze articles, ensuring efficient fact-checking.
Natural Language Processing
AI processes article content using natural language processing techniques to verify claims and cross-reference information.
Automated Verification
DBUNK's AI-driven process efficiently examines article content, identifying misinformation and providing users with accurate fact-check results promptly.
Efficient AI-driven analysis for swift verification.
AI detects and flags misinformation within articles.
Users receive timely fact-check results through automated processes.
DBUNK's blog has been an invaluable resource in helping me understand and combat misinformation. The articles are well-researched and provide practical tips on fact-checking.
Peter Willis
Digital Marketer